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After I got married I came to US. I face the problem in day to day cooking. I used to call my mother in India and ask recipes. 
Slowly slowly I started learning things on my own and started developing my own recipes.
I enjoyed cooking before marriage but I used to cook fancy dishes and avoid day to day cooking. but today in a true way I enjoy cooking. 
I inherited cooking from my mother (Aai).
I learnt many recipes from my mother-in-law too.

In abroad, I found many students, newly married girls and bachelors facing the same problem like I used to…they always look for recipes which are quick and easy. And off course tasty too!

My husband is one of the biggest reason behind my cooking passion. He is always ready for my new recipes. Basically we both are die hard foodies.

I thought, I should share my recipes and ideas with people. And then I took a step towards creating my own blog ‘Ruchkar Jevan’ 

I made it more creative and interesting at my best.

I’m sharing tried and tested recipes with all of you. I hope you will like them.


  1. Hi, Just saw your blog today. so creative!!! waiting to try these recepies. I am sure each one is good.Maybe this way i would learn some marathi too. Will get back to u.

  2. hey sumi..thanks :)
    I really hope you will enjoy my blog

  3. Hey Kalyani, even I shall try some of your recipes..
    It is very creative on your part...
    Neeta Mavshi

  4. very nice...i am a big fan of to try new things...and i do agree than "way to man's heart is through his stomach...."....thanks again for a great site..we will try these now...

  5. Thank you all for your lovely comments!!

  6. फिरत फिरत आलो इथे आणि खजिनाच सापडला की इतक्या मस्त पाककृतींचा! फारच छान! नक्की येत रहाणार जमेल तेंव्हा. धन्यवाद!

  7. खूप खूप धन्यवाद बहुगुणी!

  8. Lovely blog... will try out your recipes soon...

    All the best n take care :)

  9. Nice blog there.... will surely try out a few recipes soon...

    Keep it up n Take care :)

  10. hi there please let me know how u created your blog?
    i do wish 2 share many recipes with like minded people.
    pl. send me mail to
    ajay bhandarkar, miss sumitra bhandarkar (age 12 years) nashik, maharashtra.

  11. khup chhan blog ahe...
    reciepe madhil barik barik goshti pan janiv puravak dilelya ahet
    keep writting...

  12. chhan blog ahe...helpful...mhanaje me pan out of India ahe tyamule mala pan khup madat zali..
    Ani recipe madhil barik barik goshti pan janiv purvak dilelya ahet..good.
    Keep Writting..

  13. Thanks Dhanashree...Glad that you liked my blog :)
    I'll definitely try to post more.. :)thanks again

  14. Hi

    Just saw your blog. Very Nice blog and good receipts too. :)


  15. nice blog to help us all who live away from home!
    i just want to know how to make chicken or mutton gravy thick so that i can eat it with chapati or bhakari.I dont have grinder and want to know if i can get readymade ground spices

  16. Hi,
    Thanx for such a lovely receipes. Special thanx for non-veg receipes. Hy husband is 100% non-vegeterian and I am pure vegeterian. So it was a big challenge for me to win his heart by cooking different non-veg dishes for him. But becoz of this side its very easy for me. I have tried almost all your non-beg recipes and my Husband like them all very much.
    Thank you once again Kalyani for this site. I request you to please post some more prawns recipes if its possible.
    With lots of best wishes,

  17. Hi,
    ha tumacha upkram stutya aahe. Mi aaj recipe wachalya aahet. Aata karun pahin ani nanatar lihin.

    Thanks so much for really good recipes

  18. suralichi wadi chi reccipe post kara na blog var plzz

  19. assal marathi paakkrutincha khajina..... thank u soooo much....

  20. khupach sundar blog ahe masta watla ekdum

  21. HI,

    Today, I tried malvani chicken without chicken, replacing chicken with potato and it turned out to be very good. I was looking for malvani receipe for quite some time and today found good one.

    Thanks for posting such a delicious receipe.

  22. Hi Kalyani
    I am Priyanka. I was badly in need of marathi blog for nonveg recipes. And your blog came out to be jackpot for me. The thing I liked most about this blog is it has best marathi nonveg as well as traditional veg recipes and that to in simplest & most precise manner. I have tried some of your recipes and they turned out to be perfect. This is my most favourite blog. Thanks a lot for sharing such delicious and excellent recipes with us. Waiting for more recipes from you.

  23. Really nice , Today I learn Tandoori chicken from your blog.
    Thannx........ :-)
    Pankaj (Nashik, Maharashtra, India)


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