How to Make Homemade Ghee?

How to make homemade ghee from butter? 

1. Heat unsalted butter in a thick bottomed wok , over medium heat.
2. When the butter melts, reduce the heat to low. It will start boiling. You will see bubbles and a thin white layer. It will have foam on top of it indicating that ghee is nearly done.
3. After some time the liquid becomes transparent and clear. It will become golden brown in colour and aromatic. Sprinkle little water on the ghee, if you heard crackling sound that means ghee is done.

Some people add turmeric leaf while making ghee. It gives a nice texture and a nice aroma to the ghee.

Once you get a nice golden colour, immediately turn off the heat otherwise it can burn.
Strain it when hot and store it in a clean container. It does not need to be refrigerated. 

In many Indian preparations you can use ghee as cooking oil. Ghee has many benefits in terms of health and beauty.Especially cow ghee is very good for your health.


  1. hi kalyani, i add a teaspoon of methi seeds and a pinch of gud (jaggery). it gives a nice aroma and retains the freshness of ghee for many months.the tadka tip was also great

    by the way, what camera do u use to take pictures. digital images taken from sony cybershot doesnt come out this crystal clear. any help..

  2. Thanks geetha Next time when I'll make ghee I'll definately try methi seeds and jaggery. But a small doubt.. Does it taste bitter if i use methi seeds?
    I use sony cybershot. I think it is quite good..don't compare it with SLR :)

  3. nay, it doesn't, it is a meagre amt acutally. u r not going to add is as a seasoning. but after u remove it from the stove; the ghee will be hot, but not hot enough so that the methi will splutter.

    as with the sony cybershot, i am yet to have these out of the world images. images turns out dark and not as appetizing as i see them on the net.


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