Coconut Burfi

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Servings: 25-30
Total cooking time: 20 minutes

1 cup scraped coconut ( fill as much as possible scraped coconut in the cup.)
1 cup sugar
1/2 cup milk
1/4 cup cardamom powder
16" x 32" plastic sheet
rolling pin (belan)
1 tspn ghee


1. Grind coconut a bit in the mixer. Do not make paste. Grinding gives a nice texture to the burfi but it is not that required to make burfis. You can use scraped coconut as it is.
2. In a large wok take ground coconut, sugar and milk.
3. Cook everything together on a medium flame. Stir continuously till the mixture becomes really thick. 
3. Initially sugar will melt and mixture will start boiling. Stir in between but do not leave it unattended. 
4. Meanwhile spread plastic sheet on a flat surface and grease it with ghee. We are going to pour mixture only on a half portion of the sheet.
5. Slowly slowly the mixture becomes thicker and thicker. Add cardamom powder and stir continuously.
6. After sometime, You will see the edges are becoming dry and mixture is looking really thick and heavy to stir. That means your mixture is ready.
7. Immediately  turn off the heat and quickly pour the mixture on half portion of the plastic sheet. Fold the sheet on the mixture. Using hands and the rolling pin spread the mixture as fast as possible and make a 1/2" thick big square.
8. Take off the upper plastic. Cut gently and make burfis with knife. Let it cool down for 20-25 minutes.
9. Cut burfis properly and serve.

1. Do not over cook the mixture otherwise it will become too dry to make burfis.
2. Try to avoid brown portion of the coconut and take maximum white portion.
3. You should be fully focused while making the barfis. One small mistake may spoil the whole thing.
4. Always cut burfis when the mixture is hot.
5. If you are not sure whether the mixture is ready or not for cutting burfis, Take some cold water in a small plate and take small amount of mixture in a spoon. Keep that spoon in the cold water; if the mixture sets in few seconds then your mixture is completely cooked and ready to cut burfis.


  1. was the dish sweet enough. i find 1:1 ratio a little less sweet (indian genes u see..). we make this very often when our coconut trees gives us a bounty..

  2. Generally we take 1:1 proportion.I think that is sweet enough, But it depends on how sweet you prefer for this dish..What proportion do you take for making this dish?

  3. 1:2.. i know u will skip a beat. but i am trying to reduce it little by little..


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