Sabudanyache Thalipeeth

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Servings: 4 to 5 thalipith

1/2 cup sabudana (sago)
2 medium potatoes
2 tbspn roasted peanut powder
1 tspn lemon juice
1/2 tspn cumin seeds
1/2 tspn cumin seeds powder
1 tbspn chopped coriander leaves
2 green chilies chopped
1/2 tspn sugar
salt as per taste
Ghee or oil

Preparation: Wash sabudana 3-4 times and soaked overnight in the water. Keep water level same as level of sabudana. Boil and peel potatoes.

1. Mash potatoes. Avoid lumps. Add sabudana and rest of the ingredients. Combine everything with your hand.
2. Make 2 to 2 1/2" balls from the mixture.
3. Grease frying pan with 1/2 tspn melted ghee. Put one ball and prees with your palm to roll out. Roll out thin and round thalipith. Spread some ghee round it. Heat the pan and cover it with a lid. Take off the lid after 3-4 minutes. Roast both the sides properly and till turns reddish. 
4. Serve thalipith with sweet lemon pickle or with yogurt.
5. Wipe pan with a wet cloth before making the next thalipith.

1. Quantity of potatoes should be sufficient to hold sabudana. Also, do not use too much of potatoes in the mixture.
2. Do not soak sabudana in too much of water. If its there, drain out excess water from sabudana before mixing with potatoes. 
3. You can roll out thalipith on plastic sheet and then roast it on the pan it will help to save your time. Grease plastic sheet before rolling thalipith on it.

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  1. yummy- made me think of my mother and all the lovely breakfasts she cooked for me back home.
    Thank you


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