Baingan Dahi Bharta

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Servings : 4 Persons 

1 medium eggplant (brinjal)
¾ cup finely chopped onion
½ cup yogurt 

½ tspn mustard seeds
¼ tspn asafetida
1-2 green chilies
1 tbspn chopped coriander leaves
Salt and sugar as per taste 


1. Roast eggplant on gas flame. Turn upside down when lower portion becomes soft. Keep on rotating until it gets roasted properly.or Bake eggplant in preheated electric oven on 350 F temperature for 30 minutes till tender. Let it cool down for sometime then peel off the skin.
2. Mash eggplant properly.
3. Add chopped onion,yogurt,salt ,sugar and coriander leaves. Mix well.
4. Heat oil in a small saucepan. Add mustard seeds. Let it crackle. Add pieces of green chilies. Curry leaves and asafetida. Give tadka to the bharta.
5. Serve this bharta with bhakri or with chapati.

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