Ridge gourd Tamboli

Tamboli is a very tasty and easy to make preparation. It is a cold soupy version amongst Saraswat cuisine, however unlike a soup, you cannot slurp it just like that. Generally it serves with hot steamed rice and papad or sandge. You can also use pomegranate's tender leaves, gauva's tender leaves or carom leaves instead of ridge gourd skin. 
Servings: 3 to 4 Persons
1/4 kg ridge gourd's skin
1/2 cup fresh scraped coconut
3-4 peppercorns
1 green chilies
2 tspn cumin 
1 cup buttermilk (made from yogurt)
1 tspn sugar 
salt as per taste

1. Wash ridge gourd and peel the skin.
2. Roast ridge gord skin with cumin,peppercorns and green chilly.
3. Grind everything with coconut to make a fine paste.
4. Add salt, sugar and buttermilk. Mix well and serve with hot steamed rice.

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