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Servings:  6 puranpolis 

For stuffing- 
½ cup of chana dal (Bengal gram dal)
Water to cook dal
½ cup of grated jaggery
1 pinch of nut meg powder
1 pinch of green cardamom powder
1 pinch of saffron
For cover- 
1/8 cup maida( all perpose flour / refine flour)
1/8 cup wheat flour
1 pinch of turmeric
½ tspn salt
3 tspn oil 


1. For making puran (stuffing)-
Wash chana dal thoroughly. Add 5cups of water and cook dal in pressure cooker till completely cooked and soft (Make 4-5 whistles).Put dal in a strainer and Remove water completely. Keep that water (kat) aside to make (holi special dal)
2. Mash cooked chana dal. Add grated jaggery. Cook the mixture in a thick bottomed saucepan.
3. Stir continuously so that it won’t burn at the bottom. Stir till it becomes thick. If spoon is standing in the mixture that means it is done and cooked completely. Add nutmeg powder and green cardamom powder.
4. Grind all the mixture(puran) in mixture and make it more soft. Keep it aside covered and allow it to cool down.
5. for making dough for cover-
Sieve maida and wheat flour together. Add a pinch of turmeric and salt. Knead a meadium soft dough by using water. Rub ½ tspn of oil on the dough. Knead it again.
6. In a bowl add 3 tspn of oil and put the dough on it.Turn it once and keep it covered and let it soak well for 7-8 hours.
7. Dough should have nice elasticity. Knead dough again before making puranpolis.
8. Make 1 ½” balls of puran(stuffing) and make balls of dough exactly half in size of puran ball that is ¾” in size.
9. Roll out dough ball in small and thin circles like puris. Put puran ball on it and cover it from all sides.
10. Press little with your palms. Dust stuffer ball in maida and roll out roti.Sprinkle little maida on roti while rolling so that it wont stick to rolling board.
11. Heat tawa and place roti on it. Turn it when one side is completly cooked. Do not turn roti(puranpoli) more than one.
12 Serve roti with ghee and Katachi amti (holi special dal) 

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